Art Is Why We Live

This song kicked butt live!

Also, pottersmusic on drums.


look its platoniccoffee!!!!

Are you comparing my audience to a herd of cows?? 

Thank you for everything, Philipp Lahm! An era has come to an end 2004-2014

One of my favorite players and idols, Philipp Lahm, retired from the DFB-Team after 10 successful years have been crowned by a FIFA World Cup win. As our captain, he’s driven the Mannschaft with his discipline and responsibility on and off the pitch, consistently being able to convert expectations to reality on a high level, in any position he’s filled. He taught me that you don’t need to be utterly outspoken (or tall) to be a leader. A great leader never forgets that he is always a part of the team, and Lahm demonstrated his humility and maturity in every single one of his 113 national games and 6 tournaments. I had just ordered his autobiography to learn more about how my idol plays the game and to implement his philosophies in my personal life. To hear that he ended his National Team career at 30 was a surprise, maybe a little achy, but not a shock. What a perfect timing to go off and what a career he’s had, fully deserving every title he’s ever won. However, among many others, I will thankfully continue to enjoy his leadership with Bayern Munich. He is my favorite captain of all time. 

Danke, Philipp!


Toni: leaving Bayern.

Philipp: leaving the national team/ die mannschaft.

Me: feeling like it’s the end of the world.

My two faves who I’ve tried to play like since I was 12.
Danke, Philipp!

My two faves who I’ve tried to play like since I was 12.

Danke, Philipp!


Absolutely glad that I could still see you play with Bayern, Mr. Reliable!

"Zum Schneider outdoors erupts after Götze scores"

This is where I celebrated Germany’s win at the final. It was one of the happiest moments of my life and I will never forget this. I’m really not able to describe this feeling, and I don’t know of anything to compare it to. I’m just so proud of our team’s accomplishment and growth throughout the years. To top it off with a well-deserved World Cup win delights an entire nation, so being part of that experience is something very special… We are the best TEAM in the world!! THANK YOU!!